About My Face

Leash-Dawg in the flesh
Howdy Friends!  My name is Alycia, better known as “Leash-Dawg” to friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and acquaintances.  Like any typical Louisiana girl I adore spicy food, sweating profusely at LSU football games, and outdoor activities of any kind.  I like to dress up in costume whenever possible – I’d like to think I have perfected the Lady Gaga Poker-Face getup.  I love animals, especially dogs and although my friends deem me as an FDLA (Future Dawg Lady of America), I have larger aspirations for myself.  I am an avid writer and explorer, looking to share my explorations with other travel enthusiasts around the world!  I want to go EVERYWHERE and see EVERYTHING and experience all the culture, geography, and people this crazy beautiful world has to offer. Other than telling stories that are entirely too long, eating frozen yogurt, and barking at passer by’s, I seek to bring some value and hopefully laughter to readers by documenting some of my activities through writing, photos, and video. SADDLE UP PARTNERS!

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