November 4, 2011

Kata Beach - Pretty Nice Little Saturday

One beach north of the lovely Nai Harn is Kata beach. Five of us took an afternoon to explore the area and the shopping in Kata, which is about a 12-minute drive from Nai Harn on a tuk-tuk. Overall the beachside town is the same as the rest; shop after shop that sell the same same (common Thai phrase used to indicate that something is the same when clearly it is different) Chang tank tops and Ray Bans in every color of the rainbow.
There was a good crowd of people and plenty of action going on in the area. Mainly newlywed couples and young families with small children filled the seaside town. Even the restaurant staff was more interested in playing with the cute little baby than serving us lunch.
Our adolescent group and me ate at one of the several restaurants on the shoreline that was reasonably priced. The food was decent like all tourist food and kept us satisfied for the time being. Since it was a moderately cloudy outside and there is not much to do besides swim, we fell into an impromptu photo session on the beach for our entertainment. Kata beach is longer and wider than many of the others I’ve seen in Phuket. Unfortunately, this leaves room for more pollution, which it did not lack. There was one section on the beach where I found gross sand infested debris ranging from tangled wires to dirty diapers. Most of the beach was nice though and older men were playing bocce ball on the beach while younger couples took naps and read their books. Kata is a nice chill out place to relax and enjoy the low-key ambiance.
The nightlife is nothing to rave about so if you want to hit the club until the wee hours of the morning you are out of luck. Many restaurants play live music during dinner but there are not a lot of late night pubs and bars. Surfing and snorkeling are the most popular activities around Kata beach and there are also a handful of the island’s luxury resorts in the area. For the most part, Kata is a great place to stay on Phuket if you are a family or couple looking to veg out and keep the mood toned-down.
Michele, Sejal, and I hanging on some rocks.

Old men and their balls, bocce balls.

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